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Today is the anniversary of the plane crash that killed Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and J. P. "The Big Bopper" Richardson. Enjoy the music. Buddy Holly singing That'll Be the Day:Ritchie Valens singing La Bamba:The Big Bopper singing Chantilly Lace: and the song they inspired: American Pie by Don Mclean.

Rectangular-block sculpture, Wean Hall.

Photos by I.

Peterson. With limited venue options in Hillsboro, the significantly smaller Hillsboro Brookwood Library was its best bet. But it's not difficult to ignore the library's vestiges of modernity: Director Michelle Milne has configured the play for the library so skillfully it's difficult to imagine enjoying Brontë anywhere else. By weaving the lives of Charlotte and her sisters through doorways and between bookshelves, she has created a production that physically unfolds. m. If you missed it, the Weatherford Police Department captured it. Vanzant was driving westbound on U. S. Detective Sgt. David Smith, Detective Spencer Curry and Marine Deputy James Hager spoke to the Royal Palms Trailer Park Crime Watch on Big Pine Key. They talked about fraud, keeping your identity safe and boating safety. Sheriff's deputies and firefighters are on the scene of a house fire on Big Pine Key. m. At this time the fire is still active and firefighters are working to extinguish it. . The Magnuson–Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act requires that the Council and NMFS establish limitations on ownership and use of limited access privileges to prevent excessive consolidation of privileges. In addition to their allocations under the CDQ program Alaska's CDQ groups participate in other LAP programs, including the American Fisheries Act and crab rationalization program. Since then, NMFS has implemented the proportional ownership attribution method for CDQ groups to monitor excessive share caps in the AFA and crab rationalization program. Regulations for the AFA and crab rationalization programs and the fishery management plan for Bering Sea/Aleutian Island crab have not, however, been revised to reflect this change. Yainea joins us today with a video tutorial to show how she made her adorable fancy-fold Valentine card set! You can watch the video here or at our YouTube channel. Thank you so much for watching! I just love how Yainea designed this card with the interlocking Stitched Heart! Yainea's special design is perfect for lots of our love-themed sets! All the sets she used are linked in the supply list below. I was recently down in Florida at my cousin Eileen's house. She is right on a canal. I made a little series of drawings of the boat docks in the backyards of the homes.

When I go back, I am going to do more of these.

It's my new obsession.

I've done four already. I'll post a few. Decine e decine di scarpe rosse, e rami di mimosa, sono state posizionate oggi pomeriggio dalle socie della sezione F. I. D. A. P. A. Alfredo Adornato. PERIODO RICHIESTO DA MAGGIO A SETTEMBRE. MAX SERIETA' E PUNTUALITA'. Via.

I would appreciate any information about the provenance of this amazing image.

We have the blessing of the Fleet each year, why not this?Each year, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Arlington accepts dozens of donated vehicles and provides them to those in need across the region. An easy meal, homemade pizza. I spent a lot of time researching my family history this week and I'm looking forward to a break over the weekend. I plan on drying some herbs and making soap and whatever else takes my fancy. I hope you have a great weekend too. Do something that makes you happy. They make me feel quite special. I must have the most thoughtful readers in the blog universe. See you again next week. Per i pneumatici, se richiesto, si effettua anche il montaggio. Ritiro e consegna del mezzo al vostro domicilio. Preventivi gratuiti su richiesta. Batterie, olii, lubrificanti, liquido radiatore, grasso, prodotti chimici. Candele, lampadine e centraline per auto e scooter. Caschi per adulti e bimbi, omologati scooter e bici. " And as if abuses and disregard won't happen again, regardless of any magic incantations proponents think they can devise. We're being conned. Then leave a direct link to your project in the InLinkz widget at the bottom of this post. Our challenge is open to everyone, Verve stamps are NOT required to participate, and you can enter as many times as you want. If you don't have a particular shape, feel free to substitute. ChildAbuseRecovery. A. B. The military spokesman said that Daesh suffering from a decline in his abilities and appeared "Menksra dramatically and clear. A defeat and dispersion of leadership after successful strikes Iraqi air forces and coalition aircraft. S. S. There is a reason I am telling you that bit of trivia. I am not a gambler. If I have money to risk, I usually toss it into the maw of the New York Stock Exchange. Slot machines, roulette wheels, and baccarat tables are not my road to perdition. I was at the casino for only one reason. Nancy, Roy, and their respective mothers were there for a prize drawing. I had tagged along with the sole expectation of finishing my post. While we waited for a break during the drawings, I sat down next to Roy, who was playing triple double bonus video poker. I can't say I always notice the first robin of spring. All of a sudden there are packs of robins around and I wonder how long they've been here. This year we're awash in them. They've taken over entire trees and they're scattered in bright bunches all over the ground. And I look out at the robins, and I have the same thought everyone else does: have you ever seen such a collection of fat fucks in all your life? My goodness, but they're corpulent. Everywhere you look, a red red robin is blob-blob-blobbing a lawn. Abadi is cooperating with the MR ,. With all this crazy weather we've been having, I don't know if I should wear boots or a pair of flip flops! Well, since I am dreaming of the beach, I think I will choose flip flops.

plus I did just get a pedicure.

They being the only other people who have known the entirety of every cell of the human body must be healed, or, the body cannot be cured and rejuvenated. HERE IS A LINK TO YALE RESEARCH. I BELIEVE MANY OF THESE NANO OBJECTS FOUND ARE AGAINST THE BODY NOT FOR THE BODY. She then used her Flower Set, Foliage Set and heart-shaped flowers from our Covered Bridge set to create overflowing greenery and a water feature set behind the posts. That's a new record. A new record!. The Women's March on Washington was on Saturday and had three times as many people as Trump's inauguration. When he was told there were hundreds of thousands of women outside the White House, Trump said, 'Wow, this Trump cologne really works. '. I have been around long enough to know that. READ THE REST OF THE ARTICLE ON THE NEW WEBSITE: JIM ROGERS TALKS MARKETS . Tabbouleh Salad with Bulgur, Quinoa, or Cracked Wheat Tabbouleh is one of those dishes that lends itself towards improvisation, which is both a blessing and a curse. Enjoy Lebanese food and learn how to make tabbouleh salad. Prep the herbs and vegetables. While the bulgur is soaking, juice the lemon and chop the parsley and mint. Dress the bulgur. With the start of a New Year.

means New Resolutions.

I decided several years ago to not make resolutions, but make a list of goals and dreams. I mean school year. He was not tasked with working in some type of mythical society-physician alliance to conserve collective medical resources acting as the steward of those resources.

What if the medical ethics were different? What if the physician felt an ethical obligation to conserve the " resources of the collective"? What if the impetus for that ethical transformer seemed to take place from within the medical profession? Whereas once if the physician did not advocate for his patient he might be ashamed but now according to the new ethic a physician might feel guilty by failing to act as would "stewards of finite resources".

So,the cost effective choice is the appropriate choice and also the ethical one. Entry Submitted by Nelly D. I was watching a YouTube video recently. NOT as in phone numbers to call in. Well today, I'm like everyone else. Frustrated. Disillusioned. And most of all, bored off my rocker waiting for the new world to more publicly replace the old instead of listening to Donna's repeated campaign slogans and Intel gurus droning on-and-on the same old tidbits that don't really mean anything. I think they wanted me to SITREP that out, but I held off. Good thing, that tip never came in and I waited up through the night in case it did. Mnuchin, a Wall Street banker and a movie-industry financier, was nominated for the secretary of the Treasury post in late November. because we are letting them turn us from POSITIVE THOUGHT to lower dimensional thinking?What if WE STOPPED FALLING FOR IT. A few years later, he's a widower with two rambunctious boys who no longer believes in magic.

But even he has to admit that free-spirited Willow Dunaway fills him with wonder…and an attraction he cannot deny.