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President Trump in his inauguration speech promised to reach out to "struggling families" and to benefit "American workers and American families," and promised all Americans "you will never be ignored again. " Yet the Trump transition team, and now presidential administration continues to consider individuals for health care policy leadership roles remarkable for their conflicts of interest, which often did not merely arise from small financial transactions but from their roles as corporate insiders, and in some cases, association with dubiously ethical practices. They are particularly remarkable for their lack of interest in, if not ignorance of American workers' and families' health, except perhaps as a vehicle for personal profit. Discussed in order of increasing potential power. courtesy of on. He was very happy that the film will participate in film festivals in Belgium and Canada. Unfortunately he will be too busy with the promotion to attend them. BabyJohn in the film had scenes in the water. He revealed, "I had to be under water for a minute, I already had a scuba diving license but I wasn't at my best that day. I didn't use an oxygen tank either so I ended up getting sick. I really was quite shameful. As those of you have followed things along know, the beginning section of Trans Iowa had to be scrapped due to a small bridge closure. It could not easily be gotten around due to a lack of roads in the area. So, I scrapped the entire first leg to do another 'sketch" for a beginning sector.

That has to be reconned so I don't have some other "surprise" waiting for me this Spring to reroute around.

I hope to get down that way soon, as there is no snow cover and the roads look to be clear right now. There is one other issue that has been bugging me lately. Today is week three in the Sweetie Pie Sew Along YaY! If you are just joining us. S.

I havent trimmed up any of my finished pie blocks yet.

Thanks so much for watching! Thank you for sharing with today, Yainea! I love how you masked and customized the cactus images on this happy card! And now for our CardMaker Magazine Blog Hop Winner!! Congratulations to. lawnfawn. I hope you enjoy it! Watch it below or at our You Tube channel. The American Time Use Survey, conducted by the Census Bureau, surveys a nationally representative group Americans on their use of time. Here are some patterns of American leisure. " For example, here's a breakdown of total leisure per day, in minutes, by demographic categories. Men, the less educated, and the elderly tend to have more leisure time. In this figure, the size of the circles is proportional to how much time was spent on leisure time just on weekends and holidays. The different colors show age groups. Incidente per un auto sulla strada provinciale che porta ad Acquacalda, nei pressi di Capo Rosso. Il guidatore, per cause in corso d'accertamento, ha perso il controllo del mezzoPer fortuna il tutto senza conseguenze per gli occupanti. The islands on the mere all had new numbers ready for the new breeding season. Well done to all concerned. As a nation and as a State, we've been experiencing a great deal of anger and division of late. Demonstrations – here at the Capital and in the streets of our cities have unleashed powerful emotions. Maybe it's time to look for love in the midst of the anger, frustration and hatred. You still have time to buy a card for that special someone in your life…. but the clock is ticking. Some here today – the more cynical among us - might think that a day set aside to focus on love is a ploy to sell chocolate and flowers. And they may be right. Stephanie continued to grow as a slave within the Jackson household. Sometimes, she would remember her life in the other world, the outside world. To be free. To wear clothes whenever in public, and even at home. To choose who she associated with and what she did. To be admired, viewed as attractive, and be able to use the attractiveness to manipulate men. It seemed very strange to her. She is lovely and has a very sweet personality. Quite the beauty queen! "Did somebody say CARROT!?" Ella loves her treats! Poor old Saul looks like he needs a good scrub! I took this while Ella was hanging out on the snow-covered mountain of dirt in the paddock. Meanwhile, in the goat house, Genny was relaxing. Bambi, being cute as per usual. Bambi's son Pierre. Pierre and his maa-maa Sweet little Bert the Alpine goat. Pepper the Pygmy goat. Herb Walters and Jack Moore. Loyal-Repenski Riding Act!. Today on the inaugural post I am sharing with you all an accessory brand that creates bags distinguished by color, craftsmanship and signature charms. Pure Ghee Designs. The vibrant colors, the attention to details on every aspect of their product and inherently Indian in design sensibility caught my attention. Pure Ghee Design is the creation of Aditi Prakash who is a sculptor and industrial design post graduate from the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad one of the top design schools in the world. Keya Mini Sling Bag Aditi's work is deeply inspired by the rich colors and textiles of India. Courtesy of the wonderful and brilliant Blue Gal. Love you, babe!. Yes: Two horrible parties, aliens in the lives of most Americans, gave us Trump. Jeffersonian asks if I'm familar with her YouTube videos. I know about them now.

I'll have to make time to watch some.

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He actually even put out his own reviews of all the nominated movies.

Did you see this? Check this out. After watching Fences, Trump said, "Should've been called 'Walls. '" After watching Lion, Trump said, "I thought a movie called 'Lion' would be about CNN. #FAKENEWSREALPUN" After watching Hell or High Water, he said, "Thanks to my climate plan - we can have BOTH!" And finally, after watching Jackie, Trump said, "A First Lady who actually lives in the White House? FAKE!". So I hope you have had a good weekend. We start with a massive plug for Karine at Plannerology and the event she is hosting at PlannerCon USA in March. Ryan Woodruff Head Coach Lynchburg YMCA This SCM set was for our middle distance and stroke swimmers. From the Daily News:Mayor de Blasio said he's "very open" to banning plastic bags outright after the state legislature and Gov. Cuomo blocked a city law to impose a five cent fee on the bags. Albany intervened to stop the city for at least a year from requiring stores to charge five cents for plastic and paper bags. City pols say they wanted to encourage shoppers to ditch the environmentally harmful bags for reusable ones. "That was one way of doing it. Vast number of plastic bags are just harming the earth. It's not good for any of us. ". Yet the Traffic Police continue with their moronic obsession with speed and drink driving while fatal accident stats mirror movement numbers. However with relatively amateur abilities often replacing many of the more professional drivers at holiday times coupled with serious extra loading of people and goods for the trip, reducing accident rates at holiday times needs far greater enforcement planning than the mindless strategically placed speed cameras and drink drive smash and grab mentality. Education, driver training and mufti car/motor cycle policing without an overweening revenue driver are badly needed to discover and attempt to improve driver behaviours. The tragic bus incident at Wharerata and the three fatals at Southbridge were never going to be prevented by a camera situated at the end of a passing lane or concealed at the bottom of a downhill on a strait bit of 'holiday highway, neither were they within the other revenue gathering, driver threatening policy of booze check points. Big ups to the ignoramus who gave us such a fulsome greeting just past the Glenmark Church, I assume he considered our contributions to the roading fund as insufficient to permit us to share his roads. .