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Vancouver grows. I look up and see all the cranes and that's the sign of a successful city. There's space for business here. There's a wild west feel. What I don't like is petty. It's hard to provide excellence in health care at the bargain basement rates while paying top drawer costs for all services in the city.

But that doesn't detract from the growth of the city.

Cranes everywhere. Bigfoot enthusiast TriDiver on youtube takes a closer look at a piece of footage from Todd Standing. Check it out:. Quick place holder for the past week of training. Fit the race report in there somewhere, but didn't get around to the weekly until now. Next week is my goal half. I don't need to make a final decision until Friday. Foam rolling at night. Ovvero gli oggetti prima della decorazione e dopo. Ed ecco che le bottigliette delle flebo. A segno: Puglisi F,, Puglisi M. " This is perhaps the main theme of Jess Franco's life and career as well as that of VAMPIRE JUNCTION. YouTube link. Fixtures like windows and furnishings were later added on, and a shiny coat of paint added to the exterior of the house. The house consists of a hallway, bathroom, living room and kitchen. " Note the equipment used in this process is portable. TOPEKA, Kan. — Declaring that motorists who recline their car seats are guilty of suspicious behavior, the Kansas Supreme Court has given police the green light to carry out warrantless searches of cars in which the seats are in a reclined position and plastic baggies are visible. The ruling in State v. "Dixie" and "Myrtle" former Christy Show elephants. "Myrt" would work for anybody, very gentle. To quote the late Bill Leak:- "Suck it up, Snowflakes. ". MONDAY INVITATION - DRAWING or WRITING PROMPT Today I had a very simple offering for the kids when they returned from school. I printed out a few copies of these sticker story templates, and set them beside our bucket of assorted stickers. We've done sticker stories many times before, sometimes during our themed units. We once used Easter stickers on pieces of construction paper, and Honey Pot told the story aloud as she placed the stickers down. Another time we used camping stickers to create a fun story in her nature journal. It's always a fun activity, and requires no setup whatsoever! I was surprised that Little M&M grabbed his pencil and started writing. I thought I would have to transcribe his story for him, but he was an eager little writer! He asked how to spell words, and soon had written, "First there was a rainbow. It doesn't say anything directly about the Trinity. In context, it sets Yahweh in contrast to paganism. What a surprise. This union of the divine and Davidic creates a characterization for audience members in which the Markan Jesus far surpasses anything known in Jewish cultural memory aside from Yahweh himself. Usually on Sunday morning, i will go for Zumba at my neighbourhood there, then buy breakfast back for my mum. But on Saturday night, i receive news that the Zumba Instructor sprain her ankle, and due to last minute, she can't find a replacement, so the session was cancel. So, i went to the market near my place there to buy breakfast. Bump into my Malay neighbour, he stays on the ground floor, he mention his son wedding day on that day. He wanted to pass me the invitation card, but he did not bump into me. So he vertically invite my mum and me to his son wedding. Will they take it on, or will "Republican" insiders run interference? Maybe it's more a job for Sessions. Hmmm. I wonder why we're not learning of this from The New York Times or The Washington Post, you know, in the same way they broke Fast and Furious and other important stories.

TPT - Great Spotted Woodpecker.

Mick Hemingway found it this afternoon, just beyond the cross-roads on the path to Nostell. Shots fired outside Parliament in London. Developing. Shots fired outside Parliament. Loud explosion then shooting. Hello ribbon lovers! I am back again sharing a simple but frilly card using beautiful Really Reasonable Ribbons products. Using the Baker's Twine Natural Solid it help showcase the delicate Wild Orchid Sweetheart Blossoms Mixed Pink flowers. Then I added a little glimmer with glitter glue. Wishing you a wonderfully creative day. Sheila. For further information on these Scams, please Read West Africa Import/Export procurement scam: . Gloucester County School Board v. G. G - interACT: Advocates for Intersex Youth, et al. Universally, Intersex people have always been dismissed as inconsequential, rare one in a zillion cases of no importance. Or against sincerely held Religious belief, so their very existence denied, as it goes against what is still being taught in backwards and creationist biology classes. This case raises issues central to amici's mission as advocates for intersex youth. Petitioner maintains that the word "sex" in Title IX must refer only to an Individual's so-called "physiological" sex, rather than the sex with which an individual identifies and lives every day. This is so, Petitioner argues, because "physiological" sex—purportedly unlike gender identity—is binary, objective, and self-evident. The intersex youth for whom amici advocate are a living refutation of this argument. Petitioner's simplistic view of "physiological" sex is demonstrably inaccurate as a matter of human biology.

That is why I haven't posted these thoughts questions before.

The amount of time and energy devoted to this is praiseworthy. Firstly, we hear that a "dinar is a dinar" often. Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I hope you are all enjoying today with loved ones! I am so thankful to have just spent a long weekend with my loves. Our usual routine is to drive up on a Friday after school and return Sunday evening. Well, I don't know if you followed the weather recently, but New England was just hit with a blizzard. The snow was approaching from the south which meant most of the ride home would be through the storm. Embed from Getty Images. Embed from Getty Images. "Schooners" by Doug Mills Maine schooners American Eagle, Stephen Taber, Isaac H Evans and Nathaniel Bowditch at Rockland, Maine.

So I hope you have had a good weekend.

So here are a selection of the latest Filofax videos for your enjoyment. Pedro of the Treetops is a jaguar mink and captain of the Guardians. He is the former captain of the Nox Pirates who sailed in search of a Poneglyph, and he earned a bounty in the process, but his journey was cut short in Totto Land. Pedro is a large, male feline mink with spotted fur, white ears, and long, wavy blonde hair. He gave up his left eye during his time as a pirate captain, and presently covers his scar with his hair. Due to the ruthless way Jack and his men brutalized the minks, he suffered grievous injuries to the left side of his face and has a torn left ear. Upon entering Totto Land, Pedro donned a dress shirt with floral-like frills down the middle, a dark cape with the same frills on the edge, and a large dark hat which partially obscures his face. It wasn't intentional, it just ended up this way. The Dresden attack became famous because it caused a firestorm and killed a large number of civilians, many of them refugees fleeing from the Russian armies that were overrunning Pomerania and Silesia. It caused some people in Britain to question the morality of continuing the wholesale slaughter of civilian populations when the War was almost over.

Some of us were sickened by Sir Arthur's unrelenting ferocity.

But our feelings of revulsion after the Dresden attack were not widely shared. The Bible doesn't have a whole lot to say about cherubim/seraphim. I wouldn't call it an argument from silence or ignorance to draw conclusions from the available evidence. Surely that's preferable to beliefs that aren't supported by the evidence. . Jim Crow, Japanese-American internment, the Trail of Tears, &c. They are catchy, simplistic, and sometimes utter nonsense. Salsa verde is a type of spicy green sauce in Mexican cuisine. It is based on mexican green tomato or tomatillo and chili pepper. SO FAR, THERE ARE THREE PROPHETS THAT ARE SAYING THE RV IS HAPPENING THIS MONTH. ACCORDING TO MY SOURCES, PROSPERITY PACKAGES WILL START BEING DISTRIBUTED IN TWO WEEKS. DON'T ASK QUESTIONS -JUST DO IT. The true story behind this song. It was not just empty words when the author wrote this song. Than to be the king of a vast domain And be held in sin's dread sway I'd rather have Jesus than anything This world affords today. Unchained, watch us reconstruct the bodies, minds, and souls of veterans mangled and mentally tortured in the cabals' wars. Unchained, watch us rehabilitate the victims of the cabals' heroin indu$try. Unchained, the meek shall put an end to war. Unchained, the meek shall put an end to hate. Unchained, the meek shall put an end to poverty. Unchained, the meek shall put an end to destruction. Unchained, I can get off my cabal manufactured hamster wheel and take a trip to Southern Oregon to be with my new friends. .