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Have you recovered from this holiday craziness? I sure hope so! Now that we've all had time to recoup from the crazy holiday season, I thought I would share a few of my favorite gifts! It's been almost a month since Christmas passed, which is more than enough time to determine what my preferred presents are and which gifts were my favorite to give. However, being the extremely anxious mother that I am, I had concerns about where to keep our firearms.

The main reason I went with this particular model was the biometric fingerprint lock.

You can store two users per safe – ideal for parents who want to keep their home as safe as possible while preventing access from unauthorized users. The reviews and price were encouraging so the purchase was made for J's Christmas present. I purchased mine at Academy, but it is available through other retailers. Return Address Stamp "Addressing Christmas cards is SO much fun!" Said no one ever. Hence, the need for a return address stamp. Yes, I could print my own labels or use the free ones that are mailed to us every so often, but I prefer to design my own stamp and it looks MUCH better than a sticker. Since my sister and BIL recently moved, I deemed this to be a perfect gift for them. Someone asked me why I did not include addressable LED arrays in mt book "Arduino LED Projects". Well basically back them I did not know about addressable LED's. SO recently a friend wanted some LED effects at his wedding reception so I started looking into addressable LED's. I connected it up and loaded Adafruit's NeoPixel software into the Arduino and got NOTHING! Then someplace I read that the Data in and Data out labels are swapped. It came to LIFE! Then after about a minute smoke rose out of the Arduino. The voltage regulator had gone up in smoke. Here is a picture of it running the Adafruit demo. Jacob's prayer acknowledges who God is and then repeats what God told him to do. He makes the interesting statement that he knows he is not worthy of the least of God's mercies or the truth that God has revealed to him and so he humbles himself. Then, he pleads for deliverance from the imagined fury of his brother for he fears his brother will slaughter his entire family. He finally restates the promise God made to his family. Whole: Whole from Den Danske Filmskole on Vimeo. Don't let drink ruin your life or make your problems even worse. Instead, drink whatever you like in moderation and be sure and share some of it with the bloggers at the weekly T party over at Bluebeard and Elizabeth's blog. Over the past ten years, a resurgence of traditional liturgy has occurred. We've documented official decrees, stunning statements, and concrete statistics, but we don't publicly share the hundreds of messages from laymen, priests, and nuns bearing witness to a breathtaking grassroots movement. PLoS Biol. pbio. What to do with all those short wood off cuts cluttering up your scrap bin? Make a beautiful cedar scrap wood planter of course! If you're like me then you can never let off cuts go to waste. I had a huge pile of short cedar wood scraps and two potted ferns that needed a home to cover that ugly plastic pot. So I whipped up these slatted cedar planters and plopped my ferns in place. You could opt for finish nails which would be less obvious but they don't have the holding power of screws. I drew up plans for these cedar scrap wood planters down below with step by step instructions. As always follow all safety precautions when using power tools and read through the entire plan first. Austin Police and the University of Texas Police Departments are investigating the sexual assault of a UT student along the Drag. m.

on Guadalupe Street.

"We actually had an event we were at last night — walking this block during that time period," said Sarah Gosch, a freshman at UT who was back on the Drag Sunday with a friend.

"So the fact that it happened and we were right there is terrifying.

There is not a clear description available. Next Saturday the Bulls face a tough trip to Salisbury. Despite losing yesterday at higher-placed Tiverton, it was their first league loss in nine games. Speaking after the match yesterday, Beadle said that his side need to prepare correctly. "We need to prepare during the week and make sure we're ready and focussed. "And we need to start better than we did on Saturday, because otherwise a good side like Salisbury could make us pay. "We know we need six points and we've got seven, possibly eight, games to go. As always, we only focus on next week. " Calvin Dinsley replaced John Mills.

Bill Woodcock and "Lydia" shortly after delivery.

I instantly fell in love with that book, and the same goes for the two sequels, Infidel and Rapture. And a few years down the line, I still believe this. At the top of her game, I claimed that Kameron Hurley ranked among the best SFF writers out there. I couldn't wait to see what the future had in store for her. I went so far as to say that Hurley had now joined my short list of speculative fiction "must read" authors. In the subsequent months, something unexpected happened. Kameron Hurley gradually became known more for her blog posts, genre-related articles, or essays, and not necessarily for her novels. Nothing wrong with that, of course. You can also view this location in Global Guide. to the Almighty God they pretend to believe in. . CONCERT Free Webinar On Jan. I mention in an earlier post my mum went to the doctor. The staff replied ok. The doctor review the report. I ask the doctor if my mum needs to take a lot of medicine, as she might be frighten if she see a lot of medicine. Lo stesso giorno della nascita i genitori la portano al fonte battesimale della chiesa parrocchiale e le diedero il nome di Caterina. Il Signore, però, le fece sentire il desiderio di unirsi a Lui intimamente: la piccola era sovente trasportata da un forte bisogno di raccogliersi nella preghiera e nella meditazione. A chi le chiedeva che cosa facesse, rispondeva: “Penso”. I Carabinieri, allertati da alcuni vicini, arrivavano subito sul posto, individuavano e bloccavano l'uomo, evitando un epilogo peggiore. I Carabinieri, nel corso delle indagini, documentavano diversi episodi di violenza e di segregazione in casa, operati dal giovane nei confronti della donna. Panchali from HSBC private bank requested what currency I wished to use. I responded with a breakdown. He responded quickly with attachment. I think he has my info and added to a list. I suggest you guys try this as you never know when window of opportunity opens. Snooze you may lose. Small changes I tidied up the postal boxes and eliminated most of the Z's. Folks can be overwhelmed with the scope of a major purge or change. Thank you President Obama and Michelle Obama. Thank you Vice President Biden and Jill Biden. Observation: Jesus was speaking about the last days and the events leading up to the last days. What an incredible picture of Jesus return. At that point, they will wish they had listened. Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images. Embed from Getty Images. Fast approaching is the first day my book How They Decorated will be "out. " I hope to reintroduce these sixteen wonderful women to my readers, along with a new generation of young aesthetes from all walks. Anyone reading or delving into rooms to solidify their own design tastes will truly appreciate the book. Helene Rochas's tastes develop over those decades adjusting tweaking, and always staying on-trend, not trendy—and always staying ahead of everyone else. Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images. JIMMY FALLON: I saw that Pope Francis has actually been tweeting Bible references that oppose President Trump's travel ban. You know you're doing something wrong when you're getting cyberbullied by the pope. This book is sure to make your students laugh! Crankenstein is a regular kid who turns into 'Crankenstein' because he hates all the lovey-dovey yuckiness associated with Valentine's Day. until he finds someone else who feels the same! It's written by Samantha Berger. In it Cornelia Augusta makes special Valentines for each of her friends, made from the unique hearts that unexpectedly rain down from the sky. pic. Here in the UK there are two separate and quite distinct species - birder and bird photographer. And they don't always co-exist in perfect harmony. Birders often use the disparaging epithet of "togger" to describe someone who simply takes bird photographs but has no real interest in birds as animals and their place in the Tree of Life. In return I am sure that photographers use a similarly unflattering word to describe the many birders who simply want to look at birds but who have no desire to photograph them. "The bird world has rival human factions: purists who admire birds from a distance, and some photographers who put out bait - live mice from a pet store to get the dramatic shot of a bird of prey swooping in. .