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Once activated, it records load times and helps you understand your form load performance.

Performance. PerformanceCenter. Note: This post will be continuously updated with more entries as they are submitted. UPDATE: Crews believe they have stopped the leak.

Thomaston, Maine- Fire crews from Thomaston and Rockland are responding to Congo Ave.

in Thomaston for an active propane leak. Maritime Energy is also responding. Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images. JIMMY FALLON: I saw that during his briefing yesterday White House press secretary Sean Spicer said that the White House could enforce tougher drug laws in states with legal marijuana. Stoners were so upset they immediately called their local congressmen and said, 'Did you call me, or did I call you? How did you get this number?'. Make it Artsy is a new television show hosted by Julie Fei-Fan Balzar and highlighting art techniques introduced by weekly guests. The show is being broadcast in the United States on PBS in select markets only but each week, a single episode airs on the Make it Artsy website. The theme is Collage and my segment focuses on adding dimension to collage through layering with paint, stamps, die cuts, and mark making. One person will receive the original artwork I made in the episode. It's like asking someone "will you marry me" publicly on a stadium display or a chopper with the words written on to something that can be lowered to show who it is meant for. Some would say it is cute, others will shout sheer desperation. Whatever the case may be. It was probably the hottest thing back then. Are you someone who loves pretty, sparkly, elegant, or glamorous in home decor? source source Do you love to continually redecorate, change with the seasons etc. Are you someone who loves accessories? Many people have this "refined" up to date, concept of beauty and want their living spaces to reflect that. Believe it or not, there are also people who are equally determined not to have spaces that are perfect and new. They like more pared down, earthy, calm environments that have "real" objects in them. Some refer to this look as zen. source As in all things there is usually a middle road that people like to take. I am certainly not, nor never have been, attracted to glamorous spaces, with silk, sparkle and too much excess. I have always found the Japanese world view/aesthetic of wabi sabi that acknowledges three simple realities: nothing lasts, nothing is finished, and nothing is perfect, very freeing. Such beliefs allow you to accept the dents, scratches, wrinkles, splits, cracks and scuffs as part of the history of a piece that makes it unique and authentic. If you want to know more about wabi sabi check out this post. These caves that have been created in part by nature with the rest of the work by human hands digging into the rock on both sides of a deep ravine. The amazing city is eye-squinting brilliant in the morning sun. 'The Sassi', or Historic Center of Matera seems to rise out of the rock in layer upon layer of block structures, stairs and grottos. At times the city looks a little M. C. Escher like. Things here have greatly improved for the residents of Matera. The homes, although most still have caves incorporated into them, have been revitalized. Place the mince in a bowl and add the garlic, ½ a tablespoon of toasted cumin and coriander, sumac, salt and pepper, parsley and coriander. Mix the ingredients together until the spices are evenly distributed throughout the mince. Drizzle olive oil over the mince and rub gently into the meat. Your work is to supervise all the workers working in my Livestock farm house like the chef, and security guard to make sure everything is going well in the farm. Select ZIM holders are right now being processed and have been all day worldwide, but very subtly. Rates are all over the map. There will be no bum rush at the front door when business starts. Invite and word of mouth only. God is with us.

Do you Agree?By Lucinda Dionysius There is a division in this world.

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They are the most severely mind-controlled of us all.

They too deserve a chance for Ascension. Note: This post will be continuously updated with more entries as they are submitted. And is that the reason that they get priority. It included a list of the various professional bodies - which were identified only by their initials. My son asked the question: "What's a Kyott? an I - cow, an Acker and an Eye-Kas?" All those involved with the project used abbreviations all the time. Following the initial feedback we spelled them all out in full. More recently someone asked the then President of the Chartered Institute of Taxation why they preferred to be known as "See, Eye, Oh, Tee" rather than "See-ott". The emphatic reply apparently was that "See-ott sounds terrible". THE OTTOS FACE LEAVING WESTPORT WHEN THEIR HOUSE IS PUT UP FOR SALE, ON 'AMERICAN HOUSEWIFE' The Ottos face the prospect of leaving Westport when their house is put up for sale. m. Jenny O'Hara guest stars as Mrs. Smith. "American Housewife" stars Katy Mixon as Katie Otto, Diedrich Bader as Greg Otto, Meg Donnelly as Taylor, Daniel DiMaggio as Oliver, Julia Butters as Anna-Kat, Carly Hughes as Angela and Ali Wong as Doris. zenfolio. .

Brunswick, Maine - The Southern Midcoast CareerCenter, part of the Maine Department of Labor, and in conjunction with its partners, offer a variety of services to help people find employment or upgrade skills, and employers to find qualified workers.

"Our CareerCenters help Mainers put their best foot forward when looking for a new job or starting a new career," said Governor Paul R. LePage. I encourage both job seekers and employers to connect with their local CareerCenter this hiring season for job search and recruiting services. Employers can list their open positions on Maine JobLink and take advantage of our online matching system, which identifies and refers job candidates. All CareerCenter services are provided free of charge to employers and job seeking customers. The Southern Midcoast CareerCenter in Brunswick continues its series of workshops and programs for job seekers and those considering training to upgrade their skills and increase their employability. Prof. Osinbajo is slated to be in Aba, the Enyimba City and the SME capital of Nigeria on Thursday for the launching of the MSME clinic. He highlighted the potentials of MSME to support economic growth, create jobs, get the country out of recession and add significantly to national GDP. Mba was also alleged to have used his office as NBC DG to award contracts without following due procurement process. .