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I saw this desk while scrolling through Instagram and I really had to have it in my game, so here it is. I added more small and medium slots to the desk as well. The diffuse for recolors is included in the OneDrive and MediaFire links. He is granted one wish at his birthday party, and the wish being fulfilled is the subject of the rest of the movie. James Marsden is the budding artist, Gary Oldman grants wishes, and Amy Smart is the dream girl. Christopher Lloyd, Chris Cooper, Kurt Russell, Michael J. Fox, and Ann-Margret are also here. Bob Gale directs. This is a delightful movie. I had never heard of it before The Younger Son introduced it to me a few days ago. It's a definite conversation-starter, and I could easily watch it again. Stunning, timeless details in the home of Oslo-based Swedish artist Christopher Rådlund. Rest of the article here. . One of my favorite apartments that I admired during my Christmas break is this great place styled by Josefin Haag for brokerage site Fantastic Frank. Actually it was just the entire apartment that cought my eye! Just loved the stylish furniture, the lovely children's room, the accessories and especially those grey pillars, the prints on the wall and the beautiful Brown ceramics. Simple everything was attractive for me and maybe you have already seen these stunning images across the blogosphere. I made a small ceramic plate. Can't wait to put some cauliflower on it. someecards. NOTE: PLEASE SCROLL DOWN FOR. Carly was just hanging up the telephone as I entered. "Mark, I just got off the phone with Judy Houser… you remember, the social worker that performed the home study for our planned international adoption. The family traveled here from Tennessee. She wanted to know if we wanted to visit with them and entertain the idea of adopting them. Blaine Fischer, Tyler Jensen and Trevor Kern will all wrestle in the finals today in fifth-place matches. And add Dalton Guzier and Seth Roering to that list. The Jaguars have four in the championship matches: Canon Swanson, Tyler Bents, Adam Jaeger and Isaiah Gilbert.

All other Jaguars are done for the season.

If this doesn't get me back into the habit of blogging, I don't know what will.

My original plan was to use assorted black/white prints for the setting triangles. I had them all layed out but not sewn onto the rows when Dan came home from work. I said, or I can use the same fabric for all of them. I went to Pepe's for dinner tonight with Jim, Julie and the kids. " I'll just bet he "felt most at home in southern California, where the family had moved to.

" Thank goodness none of this has anything to do with that "single issue.

" Right, establishment Republicans, Grover, Wayne, Alan and just about every popular "gunblogger" out there?. The man who shot and severely beat an Arizona state trooper last week was a former member of the Mexican federal police who was in the country illegally, authorities said. Every year Ashu does something really special and touching for my birthday and I tell myself that I should remember that moment of overwhelming love whenever I am upset or angry with her. But that never happens. etc. about one thing or the other. B. C. U. The topic was "Predicting Sound Headphone Sound Quality". You can find the interview here. During the interview, Kirk asked if it's possible to design a good sounding headphones for a reasonable cost. Or does one need to spend a considerable amount of cash to obtain good sound? Fortunately for consumers, my answer was that you can get decent sound without having to spend thousands or even hundreds of dollars. In fact, there is almost no correlation between price and sound quality based on our research. UPDATE: Crews believe they have stopped the leak. Thomaston, Maine- Fire crews from Thomaston and Rockland are responding to Congo Ave. in Thomaston for an active propane leak. Maritime Energy is also responding. Embed from Getty Images. Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images. Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images.

the beauty.

Yesterday I decided to head over to Cottage Lake and just be. It is very cold here right now and we have had some inclement weather. Good day to all my bloggy friends! Happy Wednesday! For today I have a Spring card that I made for a friend who loves coffee as much as I DO! I used Lawn Fawn's Perfectly Plaid paper pad. I think it just screams Spring! For the layers I used the Stitched Rectangles Dies from Gina Marie Designs. I used the Pumpkin Spice Latte Cutting Files from PPPR. For a little sunshine, I adhered a die cut sun from the CAC cartridge on to the center of the coffee cup. Next, I stamped the sentiment from the Smile stamp set from APB and sprinkled pretty sequins on my card. The very best news is that no one died. It is reported that the driver of the smaller vehicle involved is most seriously injured and had to be cut out by a roof removal undertaken by the local volly emergency response services. Another bit of good fortune had the bus over the side of the highway having its unintended descent cushioned then ended by light bush in near proximity to where it left the road. Add in nervous other drivers and tradies exceeding their talents as drivers and it is nothing short of miraculous that many more incidents do not occur. I have never appreciated more, the skills gained from over a decade of emergency response driver training and delivery, than in this past year when in addition to increased medical needs swmbo has been involved in an extensive monitoring and therapy regime under a research medical project into Parkinsons Disease. It is not conclusively decided if Einstein actually proposed the definition but it is a great fit. Our inept media joined with the red left to attempt to knock John Key off his perch for a decade with zero result from what many labeled "KDS" for Key Derangement Syndrome. Now the U. S. Media along with the snowflakes are going after POTUS elect Donald Trump.

Now if "KDS" was pathetically failing for a decade, it will be interesting how "TDS" goes.

President-Elect Donald J. Trump, left, shakes hands with Martin Luther King III as they exit the elevators in the lobby of the Trump Tower Monday, Jan. And Olivia Newton-John looked thrilled to perform on stage once again as she kicked off her live tour in Ireland on Monday. But she twinkled rather than blazed through this unorthodox and affecting concert, billed as a meditation on grief and the long road to closure after the passing of a loved one. Channelling their experiences of loss – all three have had close family members claimed by cancer - Liv On is a heartfelt chronicling of the grieving process and was here replicated more or less in its entirety. Inspirational Quote of the Day: If your parents didn't have any children, there's a good chance that you won't have any. " - Daniel J. Boorstin If your parents didn't have any children, there's a good chance that you won't have any. Partially clearing skies look now likely to win the battle as blue + sunshine begin to overwhelm grey above. Rapid changes have been the norm so expect anything. There, I paused on the Gradeal that appeared like a Culross with the Lillet swapped for gin.

The Gradeal began with an apricot aroma tinged with a hint of pine.

Next, a dry apricot and lemon sip led into rum, juniper, and citrus flavors on the swallow. Perhaps a dash of simple syrup might have balanced this drink a bit better for my palate. I'll just cite some of the highlights.

Some scholars who appeal to modern Western psychological memory studies emphasize the deficiencies of individual memory.

Certainly memory studies rightly lead us to expect eyewitnesses' recollection to be selective. Darlings, today's post is all about bold black and white. Miu Miu printed ballerinas, at mytheresa.

Mark Sheridan is one of those instructors and a graduate student.

He said he wasn't alone in his decision, "I and many other grad students wanted to find a space where we could hold our office hours without guns legally being allowed," he said. Let's just hope that bar doesn't allow glasses. UT denizens sure have changed. Gorin's Law is once more corroborated. All that's missing are the mug of cocoa and the flannel pajamas.

Oh, and a pink pussy hat.


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Cindy K Currier's youtube channel was first introduced to me by a friend this past Summer.

A friend who ended up staying with me for a little over a month. Note: This post will be continuously updated with more entries as they are submitted. When we go in to exchange our currency, and we decide to take the screen rate, there is no NDA, correct?But, if we want to know what the higher contract rates and negotiated rates are, wouldn't we have to sign a NDA before those rates are disclosed to us? And if they are disclosed, and we decide to take the screen rate, we would still have to have signed the NDA, and possibly fall under a clawback condition. .