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New 'O' gauge kit under trial. Following JLTRT's usual formula of high quality resin, whitemetal and brass castings, all of the necessary underframe detail is supplied - including all of the plumbing for the vacuum brake gear - making for an extremely authentic rendition of the prototype. Indeed, the only extras required is a set of wheels and bearings, plus paint and transfers. Assembly was highly enjoyable, with few tools required and a tube of cyano glue to stick everything together. I just need to prime and paint it now! Look out for a full construction demo and appraisal in Model Rail magazine soon. From cryptozoologynews. "It was crouched down and leaning over her. I quickly pulled my wife in to me and was swatting at the creature, yelling loudly. " The Utah man describes it as a small, grayed-skin humanoid. I can describe it as Gollum from Lord of the Rings.

Head was large though, and it had thin arms and legs.

On that episode of Dogman Encounters, Yamil talked about the Dogman encounter he had when he was growing up in Nicaragua. On that show, he mentioned that he and his girlfriend saw a Sasquatch recently also.

Well, Yamil and his girlfriend, Mandy, are going to be talking about the Sasquatch experiences they've been having lately, including a sighting they had, not long ago.

Sgt. Scott Ward and his squad helped out during a recent fund-raiser for the Safety Patrol program at Key Largo School. The group had a fish fry to support an educational trip to Washington D. C.

for the students.

MistFox Studio: Game Project: Game Project These are games that we had done and still developing. Hello! Time for another colour challenge. Due for release next year, which is the bicentenary of the author's birth, the film's director Elsa Abrahall from Leominster is appealing for extras to help create scenes in and around Kilpeck Church next Tuesday. Those who volunteer will help form the congregation for the funeral service of the book's heroine, Catherine Earnshaw. Previous film adaptations have ended with Catherine's death, but Elsa, who fell in love with the novel as a seven-year-old, is breaking new ground by covering the entire story for the first time. "We have got a dearth of costume," said Elsa, who is delighted with the support the film project has received in Herefordshire. "We have been filming for two years and this is nearly the last one apart from one more shoot in April. " Locations in this region have successfully depicted the rugged landscape typical of Brontë country in Yorkshire, says Elsa.

Sites near Clee Hill have provided a necessary moorland backdrop.

Hampton Court at Hope-under-Dinmore and the Judge's Lodging museum at Presteigne have also provided convincing settings. "We really have had to be inventive. TOPEKA, Kan. — Declaring that motorists who recline their car seats are guilty of suspicious behavior, the Kansas Supreme Court has given police the green light to carry out warrantless searches of cars in which the seats are in a reclined position and plastic baggies are visible.

The ruling in State v.

Hello! Cindy back on the blog today. I've made a mixed media card using this pretty perfume bottle. I distressed the edges of the cardstock. For the background I used some dimensional texture paste and a fun stencil. For more details please visit me at In Love with Paper. You can find this beautiful image, Lily Perfume Bottle and many more in the ADFD shop. Last minute instructions. And this stamp by Phyllis Harris "Earth laugh in flowers" is just perfect! I stamped the image onto some watercolor paper using some brown ink, then colored it in using my Prima Pastel Dreams watercolors for that soft look. Happy weekend! Angeline here to share with you the NEW Stamp of the Week - Camper Bliss. Here's a card I made using lots of Ken Oliver's Color Bursts to add some fun psychedelic colors! And here's a card made by our beautiful Angie Blom. So cute don't you think? Stamp of the Week is a fun subscription, delivering a brand new surprise to your mailbox every week. Designs change weekly. The current sotw is here. To see past sotw go here. And, if you want to shop the NEW releases, go to the Unity store. Chewy, sliced up Lemon Bar The week moves on. Yours Truly, Miss Bloggette . You have contributed to your visa being denied. And if anyone attacks? The outdoor guards are expected to head home to their families in the event of a disaster. There is nothing snobbish about seeking out the best that has been thought and said. What it is, as noted earlier, is elitist, a word in our egalitarian age in even worse odor, perhaps, than snobbery. As Epstein makes clear, the words are not synonyms. All of us are snobs, pro or con, about something, whether spaghetti carbonara or Ellington's Sacred Concerts. Pure democrats of taste are unicorns. Elitist cultural values today are rare and best kept prudently unexpressed. Culture makes demands of time and cognitive effort, and fewer than ever are up to the task. It wasn't even set up by ordinary citizens giving their time and energy for a cause they believed in. In short, they had to do this because an overwhelming majority of the public really couldn't give much of a shit about smoking either way.

It's fair to say that this is still the case, as ASH Scotland has found out today.

ASH Scotland first tweeted to publicise theirs a fortnight ago.

popprolific. bigcartel. I'm really proud of the way these Pepto Abysmal figures came out. The light really looks like emitting from with in. Reporter James Rosen talks about being targeted by Obama administration. Hello Ai fabric fans! I'm back with the January edition of Tuesday Threads with Karen. and this is the most fun that I've had sewing in a while! I came across this idea on Pinterest, and knew that these little fabric boxes would be amazing in the Art Impressions Shop Hop fabrics that are available through Henry Glass Co. I intended to make just one. and ended up with four! Trust me, if time wasn't an issue, you'd be seeing about a dozen of these. This is a great piece by Victor Davis Hanson. It analyzes the Never Trumpers, on the Left and the Right, and their extremism. He discusses the consequences of subverting the president of the United States, the talk of coup, impeachment, and assassination.

"If true, that.

would mean that elements of the fed government are now actively opposing the duly elected #POTUS.


". ON BY NEWTON-JOHN Hope. Thrive. Remember.

My LIV ON Story / Olivia Newton-John pic.

It is so fun to change things up a bit for Spring and I have done this for years. The easiest thing to change out are the pillows in a room.

They can add color, design and texture.

Before I ever make a change I also have a plan. I figure out where each pillow will go, whether it will be in the front or the back, and what size I need. Here is the mock-up I did before I placed my order for my Spring pillows. I have written before how sometimes what looks good on paper doesn't always translate into real life. However I will say this, it is always good to have a plan in place so you can make adjustments as needed. The first pillows that arrived were the yellow pillows and they were just as I expected, the perfect shade of yellow and they added just the right amount of freshness to my room.

Inspirational Quote of the Day: "Opportunities are like sunrises.

If you wait too long, you miss them. " - William Arthur Ward There is no doubt that our nation's security and defeating terrorism trump all other priorities. Maple syrup and jam. Butterscotch clouds, a tangerine and a side order of jam. Watermelon, sunflower seeds, turkey legs and sun. Summertime vibes in January as we feel warming temps and enjoy the dry stretch of weather. I recently found out that Gerald Wasserburg died last year. Since so much material has been added to the article over the years, even those who read it previously may want to read the whole thing. I seem to be caught in a cycle at the moment that sees me landing in hospital every few weeks. Last weekend I had another overdose, on my psych meds, topped off with my over-the-counter sleeping pills. There was a lot that triggered it. Between feeling so lost and alone without appointments, and the big trauma anniversary, I just lost it. I didn't think it would have the same impact as last time. Despite being a similar number of pills, it took longer for them to effect me.

It didn't worry me, and I figured I'd just wake up the next morning feeling groggy.

I am always a happy camper when I have frozen pie crusts in my freezer. I occasionally take time to make a bunch of dough, place it in jumbo baggies, roll it out and freeze it. Pie making is so simple when the dough is made in advance. Using up my frozen dough elicits the same response some people have when spending money. I hate to see it go! However, I save the scraps like some people save change. When I need a quick dessert, I dip into those scraps.

I took some out of the freezer yesterday to make my husband a quick dessert.