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Beautiful and simple as I love it so much! great bedroom inspiration seen at always inspring brokerage site Fantastic Frank find more about this apartment here and have a happy Sunday!.

NvTv on youtube posted this video reportedly taken by a mountain hiker in Utah just this month.

The footage seems to be of basic scenery, but there appears to be some sort of dark-colored creature hiding behind the boulders. Check it out:. Watch: Mario Kart Here are some fascinating stories from MuldersWorld. I remember the days when I was not a very big believer in educational technology. Man, could I rock a PowerPoint lecture. As Chris Lehmann says, "You deliver pizzas, not instruction. " Boy, did I have it all wrong. As I moved from the classroom to administration, I still saw technology from a mere delivery aspect. My goals were all about replacing overhead projectors with LCD projectors and screens or interactive whiteboards. The Pebble deposit of copper, gold and molybdenum, was discovered decades ago but has not been mined due to issues related to its location near the Bristol Bay watershed, home of the world's largest run of wild sockeye salmon. Concerns from Alaska Natives in Southwest Alaska prompted efforts by the US Environmental Protection Agency to research whether development of the mine would adversely impact salmon habitat in the watershed, and conclude, after extensive testimony, that there was great potential for adverse impact. Meanwhile the national law firm of Levi & Korsinsky LLP announced on Feb. The law firm cited the Kerrisdale report, which notes that Northern Dynasty stock has risen in value since the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States, fueled by hopes that a more mining-friendly Environmental Protection Agency will allow the Pebble mine project to move forward. Trump's promise to reduce environmental regulatory barriers fueled investor optimism about prospects for the Pebble project and since Trump's election Northern Dynasty stock rose dramatically. The Kerrisdale report says such optimism is misplaced, that the stock is worthless. Nice to see a good-sized flock of real wild birds in the county! ID. IF YOU ARE DOWN If you are down and want to dissipate those D. J. blues, these simple Oy Way exercises may be what you need to use. Both Gull Roosts were watched tonight. Numbers were poor at Anglers CP and Graham Speight was frustrated again on WRes, with flighty birds tightly packed. This substantive training provides more in-depth coverage of select topics in the federal housing programs. The half-day training is designed for advocates with some housing experience, but practitioners at all experience levels should be able to benefit from this training. The panelists are noted experts in housing law who will cover a broad-range of topics in federally-subsidized housing with real-world examples.

The sessions will address issues pertinent to those with limited federally-subsidized housing practice as well as experienced practitioners.

Please join Ronald J. courtesy of singtao. The event arranged for many children to dress up as little vampires. Siu Ho joked that he was very jealous of Babyjohn for being able to romance Ming-Chen and that she indeed was a sexy goddess. I believe this mural—which I found last year in Bordeaux—delivers a positive message. What strikes me about it right now are the words of Woody Guthrie's famous protest anthemat the top, especially after Lady Gaga just sangthem Sunday at the Super Bowl. We take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude. -Cynthia Ozick IF God gives us wealth and property and lets us enjoy them, we should be grateful and enjoy what we have worked for. It is a gift from God.


Jen was often featured in the "LPA" conference episodes and in one of the early seasons Jen was featured in quite a few episodes as she had spent a lot of time at the Roloffs house. Years ago, Jen had moved from her home in Seattle to Hollywood to pursue her dream of acting. She was known as one of the Roloffs few friends who were more "liberal". Given the Roloffs negative feelings towards Spiritswander Blog, it seems as though anytime there was talk of Jen, that would create drama. Enforcers of drug prohibition can be perversely ingenious in devising methods to subvert due process guarantees. One tactic widely employed by police officers looking for a way to circumvent the Fourth Amendment is to intimidate a subject into giving the officers permission to invade the rights of others – such as residents of an apartment building, or passengers in an automobile. That ruse has been rebuffed in two recent state Supreme Court rulings. but they can murder our dogs with impunity, natch. for President Man-Baby and his Clusterfuck Administration. Life is good.

Just trying to be independent in thinking.

January isn't even out of diapers yet and already I'm wearing the corner off of this thing: It's the old David Brooks minuet. Republicans do something monstrous. Brooks automatically blames Both Sides. Liberals say, seriously, WTF is your problem? Conservatives say you're a lousy sellout Libtard cuck because Benghaaaaziiii, baby parts, Freeeeedumb! Brooks gives himself many Good Boy Journalism Points because now Both Sides are Mad. Jack Dempsey proves some lessons are timeless.

It was a lot more practical and real world than all the other stuff I'd experimented with over the years.

Plan B Marine provides you and key employees a nautical means of evacuation in the event Manhattan Island ceases to be a tenable place of business. All that's needed to close the gap is a "pathway to citizenship. For further information on these Scams, please Read . Brothers of the sea, Look at the stars, Look at the deep blue And set the world free. It is only in ourselves united. Some of you believed that the address last night would drop a bomb with coded words, and we would be skipping to the bank this morning. That didn't happen. What else do we have to talk about? Banks are still excited, looking for this to pop any minute, like watching popcorn in the microwave. On the Iraq side, we have been hearing contradictory information, so I'm trying to confirm stuff because things can change in a minute. My last tidbit was that people were waiting for cards to be funded and activated on the new rate. But there is no such thing as a global anthem, a global currency or a global flag. This is the United States of America that I'm representing.

There's a keen insight in there that could, just maybe, transform our lives, America, and the world.

No "global currency?" Was this, with the poetic observation that "there is no such thing as a global anthem…or a global flag," just a trope? Or could it contain a political portent with potential high impact on world financial markets? Let's drill down. As it happens, there is a global currency. It's called the "U. S. I have been to the saw tooth edges of Creation and back. I have taken the time to look at what has been transpiring on the earth since my time way. I see a great deal of chagrin among the people of the world for many reasons. Embed from Getty Images. Horchow Chair from Pinterest This lovely cane back chair with blue-grey paint and gilded accents captured the essence of what I hoped my silvery grey chairs could aspire to. although my chairs are not as fancy, it is the "essence" that was the plan. Adding some dimension with stain over the cane backs, and then gilding the decorative details became an afternoon's project. At our retreat, a participant shared that she found God in donuts. All kidding aside, her memory, as a child was a five-year-old unrefined child who didn't think that she was anything special.

She somehow found herself inside a church and she remembered watching the people eating donuts.

Perhaps, it was coffee social after a morning service. She felt awkward and hungry, but nobody looked down on her or said anything to make her feel unwanted. At one point, she noticed that people were putting money into a basket for the donuts, and she felt like a "bad little girl" for taking a donut. Instead, out of nowhere, someone placed a few coins in her hand and let her put them in the basket. Life can be messy and maybe you have memories about your past in which you felt awkward, out of place, someone who didn't belong, or worse you had no one in your life that made you feel special. One of the topics we discussed at the parish retreat was: "Life is Messy. " For example, when a patient was told that they have cancer. Most Biblical narratives are historical by design. Very prosaic. There are only one or two exceptions. The Book of Revelation, with its heavy symbolism and surrealism is in a different class. That's in large part because it's an extended vision, or perhaps an edited series of visions. Allegorical visions. Another possible exception concerns the genre of Job. Take the long poetic speeches. Chief Supt. m. when they were fired at. .