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Sometimes a video seems so fake that it might actually be real. So just in case. Not sure what it is, but something covered in hair is messing with Robert Dodson's trail cam. Check out the footage and see if you can tell what it is. The windy weather is causing all kinds of issues and of course sheriff's deputies are doing what they can to help with those issues. Deputy John Riggs help this injured bird which was found on the Spanish Harbor Bridge. Wildlife authorities will be taking care of the bird which will hopefully recover. Please be careful while driving in these high winds particular on bridges where it can be dangerous. Alaska legislators concerned that the US withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership will adversely impact marketing of the state's seafood harvest are seeking mitigation efforts on a federal level. Trump contends that the Pacific trade deal was harmful to American workers and manufacturing. But writers of the resolution contend that without that trade agreement in place foreign markets are likely to seek cheaper farmed salmon alternatives produced in Canada, Chile, Norway and other markets in place of the more expensive wild Alaska salmon. courtesy of singtao. Many in the industry came to celebrate. Anthony Wong Chau Sun came early and joked that he was looking for job with the two bosses Albert Yeung Sau Sing and Daneil Lam Siu Ming. The trio often chatted and seemed to be preparing for a big project.

Lam Siu Ming was not worried that Wa Jai's injury would affect the new film promotion and wish Wa Jai a speedy recovery.

lord-kitschener. You can see more of life around these parts over on Instagram where I document and share a more personal look into our life. You can follow me HERE for a peek into our daily happenings. Have been using multiple REST clients to send and receive HTTP requests and responses. Recently one of my colleague suggested postman REST client to try out.

Once I tried, I'm really liking it.

It's UI is elegant and simple to use and it does its job nicely. Postman is a app on Google Chrome browser. Postman can be launched independently also from the Windows Start menu. To install the extension go to Chrome store using Chrome browser. Search for postman.

Fred Logan, John Caroll, Smokey Jones, Alonzo Dever, Mickey Greer and Bill Woodcock.

Medinah Temple with "Opal". Hungarian Mushroom Soup. See if you can spot it. Here is a video of John Dean on the Joy-Ann Reid program today talking about the deeply authoritarian core of the GOP And here is a photo of Evil Liberal John Dean speaking while America-hating radical Liberal Barry Goldwater looks on. The Right started this fucking firestorm. The evidence is overwhelming and incontrovertible. They did it to court the extreme, rightwing theocrats and racists that now have taken over their Party, and without whom it would be impossible for them to ever win another election. Having observed Mr. David Brooks of The New York Times over some distance of ground, I can tell you a few things that are utterly consistent about his writing, and therefor are integral to the maintenance of the lies Beltway tells itself all day, every day. First, when he predicts or speculates on any subject, he is always wrong about pretty much every element of it. Brooks' Grand Plans to undo the catastrophic damage his party has inflicted on this country are uniformly ridiculous. And third, as a deacon of the High and Holy Cult of Both Siderism, Mr. Brooks is contractually and theologically obligated to jam some Both Siderist bullshit sideways into virtually every column he writes. Which brings us to the little loaf of poo that Mr. And the Senate. The NFGFC seeks to encourage and reward innovation in the field of youth fitness by awarding state-of-the-art DON'T QUIT! Fitness Centers to three schools for demonstrating leadership in getting and keeping their students fit. natgovfit. "There is no better time than now for our kids to learn how to get healthy and stay healthy throughout their entire life," said Governor Hogan. "This generous support from the National Foundation for Governors' Fitness Councils will give Maryland students the necessary resources to get educated about the benefits of physical fitness – and have fun at the same time. I encourage all of our Maryland elementary and middle schools to apply for these new fitness facilities. TuffStuff Fitness International provides all of the fitness equipment, which is manufactured in the United States. The NFGFC envisions a fitness center in every school in the U. Tra queste "L'Arte del riciclo creativo". Quest'anno l'iniziativa ha riguardato Leni, Malfa, Santa Marina Salina e gli ospiti della Casa di riposo di Valdichiesa. I fondi raccolti saranno devoluti alle Parrocchie e alla Casa di Riposo stessa. The "lesser-known Perez has been more insulated, and will be better able to present his agenda as humanitarian, and as championing of the desperate and downtrodden," Codrea writes. " They're referring to this. Ho appena appreso una tristissima notizia. Non ci sono parole, quando un caro congiunto se ne va. Non ho parole per Concetta, per Onofrio, per Franco per Caterina. So Obama's agitators jumped at the opportunity to push this rhetoric even further on Friday, as they entered the CPAC convention hall and began handing out Russian flags with the name "Trump" printed over them. They rely on deception and dishonesty. And they're proud of themselves. That's because they're lying filth. I dare you. I can't wait to see you lose more money than Miss Sloane. The information expressed here is that of my perspective, my point of view.

For all truth awaits you in your heart.

We hope you FEEL our LIGHT and LOVE in this message. While others will simply dismiss it as nonsense, crap, or racist. I am also not here to convince anyone of anything, I am just doing what life is about, sharing. Also points made on history events in this article are very brief. In these times of great change, humanity is preparing to enter a new era, some may call this the Era of Light, The Golden Age, Aquarian Age, and so on. There is pretty much nothing holding HCL back. Maliki was a thorn in our side. We can ignore him now. And more photos of Ridge Grapplers on Fuel Rims on a Jeep. Some more information.

Embed from Getty Images.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images. I had an entirely different post planned for today, but when I heard the news that Mary Tyler Moore passed away, I could not ignore her passing and reflect upon the effect she had on my young life. Mary Tyler Moore's character of Mary Richards was a very positive role model for young girls and young women. Her level headed, spunky and sunny attitude was one that I certainly wanted to emulate. Mary Richards proved to us that a woman can handle a grumpy boss, an unprepared newsman, and eventually the over sexed character of Sue Ann, with grace, diplomacy and good cheer. I have always been especially fond of the relationship between Mary and her neighbor Rhoda. Mary was the sweet small town girl, and Rhoda was the bold and brash New Yorker. Their first meeting was when Mary went to look at the apartment Phyllis told her about. Rhoda insisted it should be hers, Mary stood her ground, but Rhoda knew that Mary was a pushover, and of course, Mary being Mary, admitted that she didn't have the guts to stand up to Rhoda. This tiff didn't last long because they soon realized that they could not stay mad at one another. Despite a shaky start, they became the closest of friends and that relationship provided us with so many laughs and happy memories. m. Read the announcement HERE and the Staff Report HERE. LOTS OF WORDS This should be a very interesting exercise for those of you interested in this issue. See you there. There's still no ringing allowed near home.

DEFRA are taking no chances on the possibility that Avian Flu might still spread, but there's no information about when the saga might end.

Avian Flu Zones What a shame that DEFRA's inspectors weren't on the ball in the first place when they would have seen that in this part of Lancashire gamebird rearing operations are environmental disasters waiting to happen. It gets worse.

Each autumn in the UK many millions of cage reared pheasant, partridge and duck are released into the wild for the purposes of then shooting them.

Pre or post, there is little or no qualified assessment as to the impact of the releases upon wild bird populations or the environment. So called "game shooting" is big business in providing jobs and revenue for those involved whereby there is zero likelihood of anyone tackling the subject in favour of the environment or the landscape at large. Game bird rearing pens Rant over. Here's the blurb:The Empire is Shrouded, not only by the barrier that covers the land, but by the lies and oppression of the mierothi regime. But there are some who would resist, with plans put into motion millennia before. .