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Valentine's Day: February, the month of love they say.

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Gull Roost: per Steve Denny.

Hi there, it's Tanja here and I would like to show you this adorable little tag. I colored the image with ZIG Clean Color Real Brush Pens and a damp watercolor brush. The tag background has a soft watercolor look with tiny glitter dots. For more information on the creation of this Card visit my Blog Little Art Cottage. You'll find Bringing you Love and so many other wonderful images including Monthly Specials and Freebies in the A Day for Daisies Shop. Make sure to join our last Challenge "Anything goes" right here on the ADFD Blog. Have a day for daisies. Yours,. It's finally friday! Long week my friends. I finally figured out how to box these teddy grahams up for the Ronald McDonald house kids. I attached a stamped bear to the clear box filled with the bears and added a ribbon. Pretty simple A sweet little treat for them. In case you missed the previous post, this is what they look like inside the box. The how to's are on my previous blog post. Over the years I knew Rose, we had quite a few deep and meaningful phone conversations and although we only met a few times, we knew each other fairly well. One thing she would not have liked is a fuss being made of her so I want to start today with a final photo of Rose and then get on with it, which I know she would have wanted. This photo was taken the day we met in person after having a friendship online for a few years. I think she looks really happy and healthy. Goodbye Rose. I'll miss you. I published the following briefly yesterday but withdrew it when I knew Rose had died. ❤️. "He who wants to persuade should put his trust not in the right argument, but in the right word. The power of sound has always been greater than the power of sense. This weekend, the kennel I work with, Ghalya's Hunderparadise, participated in the Sieger German Shepherd Show in Mishref. Sieger means "champion" in German, so it was a German Shepherd Championship. They usually hold dog shows/gatherings every Friday afternoon in Kabd in front of the police station. All of their events are free to the public. They were very concerned about finding an appropriate venue, as most hotels and venues don't want to rent to people for anything dog-related. The weather was amazing both days and it couldn't have been better. Hey, hey, hey, Groove-ophiles! Just like Ol' Groove promised ya last Thursday, here's part two of Jim Starlin's turn at revamping OMAC. Lucia. Neocons. Epstein reads like he's on Kristol meth. Strickland's long history ofexposing the hypocrisy and tyranny of the left in Oregon meant he had to be made an example of. They had the power to silence him and chill anyone else who dared shine a light on them and they used it. Share it.


This could be you. For further information on these Scams, please Read . NEWSTIME WITH BGG and Co. Changing the fabric of my life By Dorcas Smucker Register-Guard columnist JAN. And I won't throw it away, God forbid, but maybe I can use it up, sell it or give it away if I find a deserving home. I have been looking the other way and humming distractedly for quite some time now, pretending not to notice as my fabric stash has multiplied like mice in dark totes in the attic and expanded in my sewing room, swallowing cubic feet of space, spare rotary cutters and skirt patterns. After all, I have plans for every piece. A summer dress, a tote bag, pajamas and many, many quilts when all the kids leave home. A beautiful pincushion and scissors case. Do you like it?First Kits are ready to go. here all information about:The project consists of three exclusive and limited edition kits thatwill get to the club members on January,May and September. Each kit includes: exclusive design, finishing instructionslinen, threads, fabrics , wools, buttons. everything you need forstitching and finishing the project. In fact, many Democrats actually rushed out at the end of Trump's address. Most were annoyed by Trump's speech, while Bernie Sanders said, 'Drinking a Big Gulp right before was not a good idea. A terrible, get me to the nearest restroom.


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Special needs kids are kind of like roses.

When they are born, you look around and wonder why you got the rose with all of the thorns when all of the other mothers got perfect flowers. It's the last Wednesday of the month, that means it's time for our What's Up Wednesday Link Up! Link up with me, Sheaffer & Shay the LAST Wednesday of each month so we can read about What's Up with YOU! Here we go! What We're Eating this week. Monday: Chicken & Veggie Stir Fry Tuesday: Calzones and Caesar Salad Wednesday: Instant Pot Butter Chicken Thursday: Baked Santa Fe Tacos Friday: Friday Night Pizza Night! For an afternoon snack this week, I have a bunch of bananas, so I am making my kids favorite:Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins: What I'm Reminiscing about. S. Attorney General's Office during Bill Clinton's presidency characterized in a letter to a U. S. S. " - Jim Rohn A respite from the weather gets everyone up and out of the house to stretch legs and revive the mind and body. Peaking tide is rushing up the carp ramp and saturating the scene. There are diminished options but options none-the-less. CHANNEL: Portents of possibilities as some westerly degrees filter through with goals of beach landings. Unbalanced sandbars need settling time to figure out what direction they want to face. PATCH: A fleet of the stand tall tribe are spread far and wide. Waist high + waves generated upon uneven seas. Thursday, the Florida Supreme Court upheld the state's general ban on openly carrying guns. STATE OF FLORIDA, Respondent. The management of The Windermere Hotel And Brasserie found your answers satisfactory. The management of The Windermere Hotel And Brasserie will like to use this medium to inform you that you have been accepted and offered a job placement here at The Windermere Hotel And Brasserie. We are acknowledging you as our latest worker. The management believe that you carry out your duties industriously. This is an Affirmation that your experiences and qualifications were found suitably qualified for the requirements of The Windermere Hotel And Brasserie, London. This document attached embodies the Agreement Letter of the job that is been offered to you. Errrrrr!. You have brought a tear to my eyes with such a thorough response. I can hardly believe that someone would not only read my 'fearful' post but take the time to answer me the way you did. There are so many questions that one could ask about God. But,when you think you have asked them all, there's always one more, so the next question is: where do you find the answers? We have some wonderful Spiritual members of our Dinar Chronicles Family that have great wisdom and know a lot. .